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DIS (DNA Identification System)

Human DNA Bank is conceived, established, developed and implemented by IQRA Biotech Services (IBS), Biotech Park, Lucknow (India), please note it is DNA Bank not the DNA Lab. Human DNA Bank is the first bank of its type not only in India but in the Asia no doubt second Human DNA bank in the world, with an aim that every Indian should be capable of providing all his/her identification details within in few seconds, wherever it is required by law enforcement agencies / security services. At the same time Police & law enforcement agencies and security system of the country should be capable to obtain all the information about a person within click of computer mouse. This is the only DNA Bank enrolling general public with core intentions:

*An individual can not be booked or challenged under the false name and identity.

*A person can prove his/her identity any where in India, rather in any country.

*A missed child can be identified by police, and can be handed over to his parents.

* You are fainted on the road and rushed to hospital; hospital can identify you as well as can obtain your medical history and medicine not suitable to you.

* While travelling in train / bus; you can prove yourself just in couple of seconds.

* Highly useful and vital in case of Natural Calamities.

*Any criminal should not be in capacity to fool our security system.

*Any infiltrator can be detected and proofed as per international evidences.

*Mr. X should remain Mr. X throughout our Republic of India, even out of India, a person can prove his actual identity even when he/she don’t have any document of any sort.

*A suspected get the bail only by the genuine guarantors.

*When a Court orders a person “NOT TO LEAVE COUNTRY”, our police should be capable to identify such person and can catch them at any exit point of country.

* A Minister / VVIP / VIP / Person of national interest while meeting a visitor. The identity of the visitor should be crystal clear and not a fake identity. So that he can not be pray of sting operations by a person with false identity etc.

Any individual from the Republic of India can take the membership of Human DNA Bank after going through few basic formalities like - filling an exhaustive form, providing 4 drops of blood from the finger tip and enrollment of finger prints on electronic device. The Human DNA Bank utilizes blood to obtain DNA. This DNA of members and rest blood drops are stored for next 50 years. Finger prints Anthropological details, Medical history, Parental details and other details are kept in Master Data Base. DNA bank issues Smart Card (a thick plastic visiting card having a chip on one side) OR Temper Proof Card called DNA CARD; it contains all the information of individuals. DNA card may be carried by the person which can be read by Micro Processor based Smart Card Readers at number of places in India and abroad.

This Technology is hybridization of Biotechnology, Anthropology, Dactylographic, Applied Psychology, Computer Science and Information Technology; which provides you from “Name” till “DNA” of an individual is named DIS (DNA Identification System). Biological sample in the form of blood and residual DNA is kept in the bank for the period of next 50 years.

Human DNA Bank is desirous and need suitable organizations and persons interested in opening its branches in different cities of India and abroad. Such people to open Collection Centres and Reading Stations can contact us.

The software for the entire task - called IQRA Soft provides the different Security Level’s information of the member as needed by Reading Stations. Any organization Government or Private or Organization of national interest from the entire India / abroad, can obtain “IQRA Soft” software and ACCESSION RIGHTS to verify individuals; from Human DNA bank free of cost, provided they justify the need.

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