What is DIS ?

DIS stands for "DNA Identification System" . The identity of a person can be check by "Identity Card" issued from his office, "Voter Identity Card", "PAN Card" and the most common "Visiting Card" These all are reproducible by non-wise people/people do not respect Law of country/not-good people. This is a common news we listen on telecast and broadcast by the different news channel. These people are capable of producing fake currency forget about above mentioned "Identification document".

The DNA of the two persons even of the Identical Twins can not be the same at all, throughout the population of globe. The DIS has various "SECURITY LEVELS" to identify a person. Members of the DIS are issued a SMART CARD , a thick plastic card with visual area and electronic area. Visual area contains the basic informations like NAME, FATHER & MOTHER NAME, ADDRESS etc. While the electronic area contains hundreds of informations, Biometrics, photograph, Hand writing, Signature of the person, informations in this are can only be read by using dedicated SMART CARD READER and a software called IQRA SOFT .

The Fingerprint of the person can be verified using FINGERPRINT READER . Person to be identified simply puts his/her finger on reader and it is matched from the database available in Cyber space. In case of any eventuality happens to the DIS member, his DNA stored in our DNA BANK can be cross checked either with the given hard copy to the person (at the time of confirmation of membership) or 2 drop of blood taken from DIS member/any other biological sample and the DNA stored.

Remember two person in none of condition can have identical DNA fingerprints; this is the ultimate identification of a person.

What is IBS ?

This is the organisation establishing DIS for Indian which stands for IQRA Biotech Services.

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What is ID number and Code ?

These are computer generated number through which a person is documented in database. These number help the Reading Stations for rapid accession of Identification, if a person donít have his DIS card and tells his ID number or Code - entire details of the person can be retrieved. Every DIS member must remember is ID number or Code.

How long you will store my DNA/blood sample for DNA ?

IBS stores your DNA for the period of 40 years if the age of member is above 30 years at the time of taking membership, and for 50 years if the age is below 20 at the time of taking membership. If the DIS member expired and the death information is conveyed to us, we may dispose off DNA & Biological sample.

Will you keep my DNA information confidential ?

Yes at all. Except in the rare conditions when the court or investigating officer of any security agency of Republic of India raise the request in writing. Else is confidential. Even the staff of the DNA Bank do not know about your DNA and Biological Sample as they are kept in coded version.

What is DNA ?

It stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid which is basic constituent of all lives from virus/bacteria to dinosaurs, from phytoplankton to the huge trees. In human (homo sapien sapien) it is double hallixed and ultimately composed of Adenine, Cytosine, Thiamine and Guanine (A C T G).

How do you take out blood for DIS membership?

We need just 4 drops of blood on pretreated cheese cloth as Biological Sample. This is obtained by Pain Less Lancet Device which pricks your 3rd finger tip. No pain at all. Even children are found to cooperate in general.

What is Collection Centres ?

The role of Collection Centres (commonly called C.C.) is making members for DIS (DNA Bank), helping members in filling the various forms, Counselling the future members, obtaining Blood as Biological Sample, obtaining Biometrics of the member, registration of fingerprints electronically, distribution of DIS membership cards to the respective members, installation of Reading Stations in various Govt. and Private organizations, and sending all details & Biological Samples of members to IBS head quarter at Lucknow for further processing.

What are Reading Stations ?

Any point/node/place where the Identification of person is done is called Reading Station. A reading station has high speed computers, DIS database, Telephone line/ mobile set, Smart Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader etc. The Reading Station are setup either by Govt. Organization / Private organization / Railway Stations / Bus Stations. Many of them will be installed by IBS.

How can DIS help us at Airport ?

Photographed of the Passport holder got fungus / hazy due to plastic lamination reaction, or photograph of the passport holder do not exactly resembles due to old passport; are commonly encountered events at the time of emigration at international airports causing trouble to the passengers. The one line answer is DIS. The officer sitting on security check asks the passenger for DNA Identity card, slides into Smart Card Reader - get all the current details. If needed he can check passengerís Fingerprints to over verify the issue.

How can DIS help my child at School ?

How can DIS help my child in Entrance Examination?

How can DIS help us at Hotel in other city ?

Hotel register entry is made for every person coming to hotel for lodging. Front line employee at reception counter can over verify identity of visitor. This will not only be safe for visitor but to the hotel too, as they can check and over verify the person seeking room in hotel. Not only in India but throughout the globe false identity persons / non-wise persons take the shelter at hotels and perform illegal activities, and once if they trap by police or security agencies - hotel get defamed and the staff and owners waste their time and money to help the security agencies. This all can be omitted by DNA Identification System, if installed at hotel and is used at the time of allotment of room to the costumer.

How can DIS help us in any other city ?

There may be number of reasons why a person goes to another city / state / country? He / She can encounter security check at some important places / monuments / places of national interest. Even you have to proof your identity while booking room in hotel. Your complete identity documents can be needed at number of foreign Embassies while applying for VISA.

You donít know any body in the city and want to draw money from your bank account - but the manager wants your personal identity details. If your intention is to meet some VVIP, MINISTER, etc again true identity issue is there. In all these situations DIS is helpful not to you but to the departments / organizations / officers asking your identity details.

How can DIS help us at Bank ?

The DIS is very helpful if you want to withdraw money in any other city, if the volume of money is high, manager has full right to get full identity informations from you - here the DIS function and help not only you but to the bank too.

The DIS can help you a lot if you want to open new account in any bank , as Smart Card has all your possible details including family and your Biometrics. What we can presume after a bit of more awareness of DNA IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM , banks may drop old method of introduction by an existing account holder when you intend to open a new account.

The above function of DIS is more logical and applicable if you get transferred to new city, no body knows you, and you want to operate / open new account in any bank.

How can DIS help us at High Way (Road)?

A person rushing towards nearby city on his bike / car gets encountered by mass personal and vehicle checking by police / security agencies. Looking at number of document related with vehicle (Registration number of Vehicle, Road tax slip, Pollution certificate, Driving license etc) and documents related with your identity (Driving license, Identity card issued by employer, Visiting cards, PAN cards etc), consumes good time of security persons as well as yours, it also causes traffic jam and que.

The checking can be a routine check as for heavy vehicles in night or can be check post closer after any mishap in the city. The DIS is a good solution to all these formalities at security checks at highway.

How can DIS help us while buying immobile properties ?

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Fax : +91-522-4017995
Address : IQRA Biotech Services
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